Experiential Travel

Experiential travel

A bit of sun and a chance to relax are wonderful things, but a growing number of modern travellers want more from their holiday: the chance to get inside another culture, and experience new ways of life in the places they visit. If you’re in search of a bit of cultural immersion, TripLocator will be delighted to push you in at the deep end, knowing that it’ll be the swim of a lifetime! Learn French in Paris or Catalan cooking in Barcelona, party the night away with Berliners in a racy nightclub, or have dinner with a Karen villager in the Thai hills. Some experiences you can plan for; but above all, it’s about saying “yes” to those spontaneous opportunities that crop up on every trip, even if they send you a bit off-piste from your itinerary. It’ll make for some of your richest and most authentic holiday experiences.