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Solo Travel

It's the new sexiest way to travel: just you, your passport and the stars of a different hemisphere over your head. Embrace your dreams and fears alike as you set out solo for that destination you've been imagining since you were a kid. It doesn't have to cost more: skip the notorious 'single supplement' by booking with one of our solo-specialist partners, and spend less on overpriced rooms and more on snorkelling (or souvenirs, or bungee jumps – whatever floats your boat!) And 'solo' doesn't have to mean alone, either. If you're yearning for a bit of time in your own company, just you and the trail and the ocean, then go enjoy your beautiful path. But if you feel like you want to mix things up a bit, meet some new people and make new friends, then book with one of our singles tours (relationship status irrelevant!) for an easy way to meet like-minded travellers.