Long Distance


Got your perfect holiday in mind, but put off by how long it'll take to get there? Don't be! They say it's better to travel hopefully than to arrive, and while we'd beg to differ (our destinations are that awesome), it's certainly true that long journeys can be brimful of anticipation and fun. Long-haul flight? Catch up on that movie that all the film buffs were raving about, or the new album you've been meaning to listen to but not quite got round to yet. Hours on the train? Take in the scenery, bring a picnic or test out the dining car, and you'll be sorry to get off. Endless-looking road journey? Oh, the car games and the drive-throughs! In fact, long-distance travel can make for a fantastic holiday in itself: think Honolulu cruises, inter-railing round India, or the epic seven-day journey from Moscow to Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian Express.