What's better than soaring like a hawk under the wing of a paraglider? Soaring with a hawk, that's what! Combining the dual thrills of paragliding and falconry, parahawking is the newest sport in the skies. Ride the air in a tandem paraglider, while a trained rescue vulture or falcon guides you and your instructor through the thermals for the best soaring of your life. You can even feed the majestic birds from your glove, as a reward for their in-sky trailblazing. Back on the ground, learn about handling raptors and the ongoing struggle to conserve endangered birds of prey like the Egyptian Vulture. Parahawking is so specialised and ground-breaking (cloud-breaking?) that it's only available in a handful of locations around the world, including Alicante, Shropshire and San Diego – so if you do get the chance of a bit of raptor rapture, don't pass up on a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!