Wherever you're from, it's hard not to love Australia. The world's biggest island is like nowhere else: a place of the boundless red desert, sweeping mountain ranges and still-young coastal cities set beside white sandy beaches. The land, and its wildlife – kangaroos grazing on grassy plains, koalas peering down from blue-tinged eucalyptus forests, coral reefs where tropical fish sport in all the colours of the rainbow – will leave you shaking your head with wonder that so much uniqueness and beauty can be packed into one country (admittedly a continent-sized one!) And that's before you hit the cities and meet the people: cool surf-loving Sydneysiders, geeky hipster Melbournians and Brisbanites as sunny and friendly as the Queensland weather, and many more.

Get a kookaburra's-eye view of the Sydney Opera House as you abseil down Sydney Harbour Bridge, up amongst the skyscrapers of Australia's first city. Wind through Melbourne's coffee-wafting laneways, or take a solemn walk down the memorial Anzac Parade in Canberra, Australia's purpose-built capital. Laidback Brisbane can't be beaten for sandy shores and sea thrills; and a stay in Queensland will give you a soon-to-be-scarce opportunity to look upon the technicolor magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef and the myriad life-forms teeming amidst its corals, which are under threat from rising sea temperatures. Tap your wild side on a spectacular tour of Australia's "Red Centre", traveling from Alice Springs to the sacred Uluru/Ayers Rock, the international symbol of Australia. Or enjoy Oz's exquisite coastlines from a beach, a surfboard, or behind the wheel on a stunning seaside route like the Great Ocean Road. However you choose to experience Australia, you'll come away from your holiday certain that this is a country that's "sweet as"!

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