As a Sustainable Tourism Company, our focus is organizing tours with an ethical and professional approach to exceed tourist expectations. We specialize in Mountain Kilimanjaro Ethical Climbing, Wildlife Safari, Volunteerism Safari, and Beach Holiday in Tanzania. We are doing ethical climbs and responsible Trekking Eco-Africa Climbing does not do cheap Climb, cheap climb means we are doing tourism while exploiting our Porters who are the ones who make Kilimanjaro tours possible for the vast majority of climbers, and who do all the heavy lifting. Fair and ethical treatment of our porters (crew) is one of the important priorities of Eco-Africa Climbing when we do climb.Eco-Africa Climbing has begun the qualification process to become a Partner with the Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP). Please contact ( to confirm this. Eco-Africa Climbing is an Eco-tourism company whereby we are doing tourism while conserving the Environment. We are the member of Carbon Tanzania, for every Mountain Kilimanjaro trip and Wildlife Safari did by our client we have offset Carbon and our client receives their certificate for Carbon Offset.