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Shopping Tours

If you're a true shopaholic who's at your happiest browsing in a luxury boutique or bagging a bargain at a kooky outdoor market, then why let your spree stop at your borders? The whole world is your mall, and its shelves are stocked with enticing shopping holidays calling your name! From trying on designer clothes in fashion capitals like Paris and Milan, to snaffling unique souvenirs from a Bangkok bazaar, or electronics straight from Tokyo, the purchase possibilities are as wide-ranging as your imagination. And you can flash your cash in some pure 24-carat settings as well: airy modernist pavilions on the waterfront in California, bookshops set up in converted churches in Maastricht, spice markets in Marrakech packing a sensory overload of colours and smells, or Aladdin’s caves sparkling with chandeliers and embossed lifts in big-name London department stores.